LymphAssist™ Garments

Design & Construction

For comfort, durability and performance

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) Garments

We offer a range of ‘patient friendly’ garments supporting the management and treatment of vascular and lymphatic conditions. All LymphAssist™ garments are uniquely designed to provide effective treatment whilst at the same time delivering maximum benefit and comfort for the patient. The ‘technology’ designed into each of our garments ensures that both the patient and outcome remain central to the particular application.

How do LymphAssist™ compression garments work?
Each garment creates an environment which stimulates the patients’ damaged or failing vascular system by evenly distributing an external pressure around the area being treated.

Unlike many low cost offerings which cannot maintain a calibrated pressure, the unique construction of LymphAssist™ garments deliver a consistent and calibrated inward pressure to the point where it’s needed around the entire limb.

Specialist garments for specialist applications
There are no visible differences between our LymphAssist™ Professional and LymphAssist™ Homecare garments. Technology, innovation and practicality is designed into each group. The single chamber uniform garments and three chamber graduated garments target wound care and oedema management, whilst the twelve chamber garments addresses the complexities of Lymphoedema and Lymphatic conditions.

Why choose Hydroven?
Feature rich qualities

Comfortable and Durable Design
Unlike many competitive products which use PVC as the main component, LymphAssist™ garments offer patients a unique set of properties. The material selection delivers a combination of durability, high wear resistance and high levels of breathability. The permeability of the inner layer minimise's the build up of perspiration through natural ‘wicking’. This helps eliminate the risk of skin breakdown and maintains a healthy localised area. These properties are an ideal choice particularly where pressure distribution and comfort are key factors.

Active Inserts
A simple zip in insert allows the garment to be expanded to accommodate larger limbs. Unlike other manufacturers’ garments which are passive, LymphAssist™ inserts are active and inflate to maintain total circumferential pressure even under the zipper area.

LymphAssist™ 12 Chamber Garments
Suitable for arm and leg treatments


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